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From time immemorial, gemstones have been highly valued by all cultures of the world. Their inherent beauty is second to no other material in the mineral kingdom. The word “gem” itself refers to, "something of an exquisite or superior nature." Gems have tremendous healing properties. They are extremely powerful tools to aid in balancing the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of life.


Every gem in every piece of jewelry designed by Anne Meplon is selected according to the principles presented here. May this information further confirm your beliefs and intuition of your inherent and all encompassing “knowingness.”


In this section, I provide you with the meaning of each gemstone, a chart on the vibrations of light and color, gemstones corresponding to your astrological sign, as well as a chart of the seven chakras (or energy fields) within the body, which can be activated with jewels and colors to enhance its inherent qualities.

I mostly provide you with the data I have been accumulating over a long period of studying symbolism and reading the words of experts in that field. I am also basing all my information on all the clients who time and time again chose a piece of jewelry which they didn’t choose with their rational mind, but rather chose with their intuition of what they needed at a particular time.